2 Amazing Careers: Oil Field Jobs and After Effects Video Creator

Don’t believe anyone who tells you oil field jobs are on the decline. The truth is that oil and gas jobs are available in Canada, US, Australia, UK and Middle East. And in the worst case, if you can find one, you could become a video editor, and using after effects templates, you could create great videos for different clients.

Companies still have a very bright future and there is still a huge amount of natural reserves ready to be extracted from the ground. Not only do they know where a lot of the oil and gas is sitting right now, but they’re constantly looking for more locations all around the world where they can set up shop.

This means that oilfield jobs are going to be lucrative if you can find one, and so are oil rig jobs if you’re prepared to work in the middle of the ocean for weeks at a time.

Do You Know Where You’ll End Up if You Start an Oil and Gas Job?

OIL INDUSTRY JOBS, oil field jobs, oil rig jobsYou won’t be able to leave your home in the morning every day and drive to work, so you’ll have to be prepared to go where the oil is if you want to land your dream job.

I’m guessing you know most of the largest oil fields are situated in the Middle East. You only need to open a newspaper to figure this out because you’ll constantly read about how rich these countries are.

If you don’t fancy the Middle East there are also huge oil fields in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia, and even Kazakhstan. Even though those places are booming at the moment there are smaller fields dotted around the world. Banners like the ones from the left are not something you see every day…

How Do You Land Your Oil Field Dream Job?

We’ve already established that oil and gas jobs are very lucrative, but it’s not easy to get your foot in the door because there is so much competition.

It’s so much easier to land a job if you have the right qualifications. If you have specific engineering qualifications that are sought after it won’t be as hard to find someone to take a chance on you. You won’t even need any experience because with the right qualifications a company will take you on and train you up. Unfortunately that will take time, but there is a quicker way.

The Quickest Way To Land on Oil Field Jobs

If you don’t have any special qualifications there are still well-paid jobs you can go after, but can you imagine how many people will be applying for them at the same time as you?

After all, most people will be prepared to do almost anything because the money is so good.

The only way you’ll land one of those jobs is by networking and having access to the companies who offer oil field jobs or oil rig jobs. It’s who you know that counts, so if you know someone who works in the industry at the moment you can ask them to help you out. It’s a lot more effective when they’re higher up the food chain as their recommendation will carry more weight.

If you don’t know anyone personally at the moment you’ll have to go out and find them through any means necessary, but when you do find someone who can vouch for you it will change your life.

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